Month: March 2018

At Home Spa Day!

Pamper your skin for luxurious, age-defying results The Ultimate Spa Package is designed to pamper, nourish and protect your skin. We love how Dr. Sears’ four rejuvenating formulas delve even deeper — all the way down to the DNA level

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Introducing Dr. Sears’ Breakthrough Exfoliator and Skin Purifier!

Dr Sears has done it again! His “Glow” product gently wipes away toxins that can accumulate on your skin from the environment. Then it restores your natural protective layer of skin by energizing tired skin cells. As you massage Glow

Beautiful Aging is Just a Step Away with this Phenomenal Skin Toning Package

Leave it to Dr. Sears to know what is best for your skin. For example, worsening skin tone affects almost all women as they age. Don’t stand for it! Take a stance now to defeat the ravages of time. Even